"Thoughts Of A Life Model"

Writen, Produced, Directed, and Edited by Sophie May


In February last year I did my first session as a life model during my semester abroad in Prague. I chose to do it because I was intrigued by the mystery that came with being a life model and it was a good way to make some money. 

Artists have been using life models as human subjects to objectify, study and analyse for hundreds of years. But as I sat, stood or lay, it all became increasingly comical. Each session I would dedicate my thoughts to various subjects, revision for a test, what to make for dinner, but most of the time I would think of film ideas. Quite quickly it became that what I was experiencing was, in itself, a film waiting to happen. 

The film dares to exhibit an insight from the other side of the drawing board, to re-objectify the model. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the act of doing this makes the model more naked than ever, but I think this is what makes the thoughts of a life model so interesting